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Our Office

A little bit about 

  Welcome to our practice and our website! At the office of Kathy Percosky DDS, MBA, MHA, PC. Our primary focus is to provide quality, gentle dental care in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. We strive to provide personalized care for every individual by listening to their needs, addressing their concerns  and catering to their dental needs. We have paid close attention to every detail so that our patients of all ages can have a very pleasant dental experience. 

    Dr. Kathy's office has been completely computerized since 2007. We implemented digital radiography in 2008, which use up to  90% less radiation than traditional X-rays.   



Our office utilizes laser caries detectionor DIAGNOdent to find cavities early so they can be treated conservatively. Dr. Kathy uses fiberoptic Kavo electric handpieces and each unit uses a single bottle clean water system. This system uses filtered, room temperature water to add to the comfort of our patients.  By utilizing technology, we make your appointment more enjoyable. For over more than 25 years, Dr. Kathy and her professional and enthusiastic staff have taken the time to establish long-lasting patient relationships and to provide “beautiful smiles with a feminine touch”.



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About Us


Routine Exams


We want you to have great oral health, as this is complementary to your overall well-being. Our routine exams compliment those of our hygienist. During our routine exam we will examine existing restorations for breakage, look  for tooth decay, assess the health of your gums and soft tissue, review your dental radiographs, as well as perform an oral cancer screening. We recommend regular exams every

six months.

Dental Hygiene


During our hygiene appointment our hygienist will inspect the teeth and soft tissue. Any appropriate radiographs such as;  bitewings (an x-ray on each side examining the top and bottom for decay) and panoramic films (x-rays that go around the head) will be taken as necessary. Plaque and tartar will be removed and the teeth will be polished. Our dental hygienist will help you establish an effective dental hygiene routine.

Dental Restorations
Dental restorations or "fillings"  are ways to restore or rebuild missing parts of the tooth or areas of decay with a dental restorative material. These fillings restore function,  tooth structure and the integrity of the tooth. These restorations come in a variety of materials including composite resin and ceramic.
Dental veneers or Lumineers are almost contact-thin, very customized overlays made of tooth-colored material covering the front surface of teeth to improve your appearance. We bond these overlays to the front of the teeth  changing their  shape, size, length and color.  
Crown and Bridge


Over time teeth may crack or restorations break resulting in the need for a crown or "cap". The crown encompasses the tooth to give it strength and restore natural appearance to the tooth. When teeth are missing in your mouth, we close the gap by utilizing teeth on either side of the missing tooth by creating a bridge. This closes the space permanently.

Teeth Whitening


Years of smoking, drinking coffee/wine, and just aging in general leave your teeth dark and dull. Whitening your teeth is quick and easy, and  a great way to brighten and take years off of your smile! Professional whitening uses carbamide peroxide to brighten teeth and potassium nitrate to minimize sensitivity. Teeth whiten 5 - 7 shades versus the store bought whiteners. 

Night Guards/Silent Night


Bruxism is a condition that causes teeth clenching and grinding and can be very damaging to your teeth.  A night guard is an appliance that provides a protective barrier between your top and bottom teeth while you are sleeping which alleviates jaw pain. If you are having problems with snoring we recommend the Silent Night snore guard.  This guard prevents the unhealthy effects of snoring and sleep apnea. Silent Nite  positions the lower jaw forward using unique connectors that are attached to upper and lower trays opening the airway.



Sometimes a tooth may break beyond repair and need to be removed. Our office is very proficient in oral surgery. We perform the removal of all teeth from incisors to molars, with the exception of third molars or "wisdom teeth". Dr. Kathy will administer local anesthetic to numb the areas where the teeth will be extracted. However, if your preference is to have general anesthsia (be put to sleep) or have IV sedation, our office will refer to one of our highly qualified local oral surgeons.

Our Services
Dr.Kathy Percosky
Kathy Percosky DDS,

Dr. Percosky

      Dr. Kathy is a native and current resident of the Elton area. She is a Forest Hills graduate and attended the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown. In 1994 she graduated from West Virginia University School of Dentistry and later obtained a Masters of Business Administration and a Masters in Healthcare Administration  from Oklahoma State University. She has been in practice for over 25 years and has more than 1,000 hours of continuing education in various areas of dentistry, and also works as an independent contractor for the military.

      During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Kathy participated in over 100 hours of COVID-19 continuing education.  This education enabled our office to  provide optimal safety procedure to our patients, as well as quality dentistry. 


      Dr. Kathy has been married to her husband Frank for over twenty years. They are the proud parents of a horse and two black labs. Her interests include spending time with her family, travel, photography, horseback riding and running. She has completed a marathon, several half marathons, many 10K's as well as multiple 5K's.   


Dr. Percosky

Our Office


       Our Office has a distinctive beach theme because, we at Dr. Kathy Percosky's Gentle Dentistry love the beach.  Our murals are throughout the office and evoke calm and tranquility. Our wall art encourages you to Relax, Breathe and Dream.  We want to make your visit relaxing and comfortable, but are also proud to provide a facility that is embraces technology for the highest quality dental care available. Our entire office is cloud computerized with stations in each operatory and we utilize digital radiography. Our office meets and surpasses all OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards and is totally HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Acts) compliant and certified. We welcome all patients to become part of our practice, and are confident that you will feel right at home.  We welcome all patients to become part of our family and let us provide you with “beautiful smiles with a feminine touch”.

Our Office


Our Address

203 Strayer Street

Johnstown, PA 15906

Tel: 814-535-6458 


    Monday     9:00AM – 5:00PM

   Tuesday     9:00AM - 5:00PM

Wednesday   9:00AM - 5:00PM 

  Thursday    9:00AM- 5:00PM

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